“Chacun de nous possède une musique d'accompagnement intérieure. Et si les autres l'entendent aussi, cela s'appelle la personnalité.”Gilbert Cesbron.

The significance of Owls

The owl hoots, hisses, screeches or purrs

Its soft plumage and the serrated edges of its wings lend a sovereign silence to his flight. His piercing eyes symbolize insight and intelligence.

In the ancient world, the owl was associated with Athena, the goddess of wisdom, artistic sensitivity and intelligent activity. It symbolizes the thinking that enlightens the darkness.

Vocabulary (in French language)

Chouette: (adjective) beautiful, pretty, nice.
Chouettement: (adverb) pleasantly, in a nice way.
Elle est chouette: (speaking about a woman) she is pretty, nice.
Il est chouette: (for a men) he is nice, correct, good looking.
Chouette! (interjection) Cool.
Chouette alors! (interjection) it is perfect, that's fine.
C’est chouette: it's beautiful, It's great.
Yeux de chouette: to have round eyes wide open.